From the design to the realization of the factory of the future adapted to your production

ALPROBOTIC is the specialist in robotic engineering dedicated to the handling of parts with high added value. Based on the study of your needs, we are able to design and produce fully robotized modular solutions, resolutely turned towards the concept of factory of the future and allowing you to master the whole of your production chain, from link to your ERP to log production data, integrating logistics (automated warehouse and automatic mobile robotics).

Founded in 2007 by Lionel Charpin and Benoit Brault, ALPROBOTIC integrates 15 people around mechanical design, robotics, IT, assembly and overall testing. We also integrate a prototyping workshop to test the solutions envisaged during the study.

From this experience in robotic engineering and its strong potential for innovation, ALPROBOTIC has also become the only specialist in the robotic finishing of machined parts or from additive manufacturing. Precise, flexible and simple to implement, our modular and scalable high precision units ensure the robotization of each stage of your finishing processes. Adaptable to any sector of activity, they process the multiple references of complex parts while ensuring production monitoring and data traceability.

Know how :

  • Ultrasonic cleaning, anodizing, passivation
  • Micro-blasting, sandblasting, precision deburring
  • Dimensional inspection, X-ray inspection
  • Laser marking, assembly
  • Mobile robotics, automated stackers
  • Production management IT

Areas :

  • Medical: research, implant manufacturing, biology, …
  • Luxury: watchmaking, cosmetics
  • Aerospace
  • Microelectronic

Our expertise: modularity, flexibility, agility, traceability

Our achievements after engineering with our customers

Micro-electronics, health: The existing line robotization

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ALPROBOTIC has developed its skills to robotize previously semi-automatic manufacturing in the field of medical implant or in the field of microelectronics, in particular in the clean room. These semi-automatic machines are now interfaced and loaded-unloaded by an ALPROBOTIC robot which also collects the manufacturing results to enhance product traceability. This line also interfaces with mobile robots that allow parts and consumables to be transported from an automated warehouse or from and to other processes.


Medical devices : Robotic precision essential for the medical industry

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60% of our activities are dedicated to medical and in particular to medical devices (orthopedics, spine, dental). We collaborate with major players in the medical industry, because our finishing cells meet all their requirements for biocompatibility, repeatability and quality.

Our robotic applications operate various surface treatments: precision sanding, quenching, but also laser marking or polishing. They carry out all control operations by camera and attributes but also by X-rays.

Luxury : The repeatability of quality essential to premium watchmaking

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The big names in the luxury industry praise the precision, repeatability, security and time savings provided by our robotic units. Alprobotic Switzerland, our subsidiary, provides Swiss and German companies with a valued local service.

Sandblasting, micro-blasting, precision deburring but also logistics by mobile robotics are very appreciated by the watch industry.

Factory of the future : Global production management and automatic logistics

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ALPROBOTIC designed OPR, an Optimized Production Management software and robotized manufacturing monitoring. Offering all guarantees of traceability and flexibility, OPR allows you to manage your production overall, in particular through the logging and export of data at the end of the production order.

Validated by the medical industry and compatible with CFR 21 Part 11 regulations, ALPROBOTIC OPR interfaces effectively with existing production tools. It is also a unique tool in terms of automatic piloting of a fleet of mobile robots.


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